• ish_02_ 16w

    Your bodies are perfect
    You don't have to be 6'2 ft or have 6 packs to be handsome
    It's okay to have a tummy with short height
    It's okay to be tall and be skinny
    It's okay to cry because you guys do have so much responsibility towards your family
    It's okay to be not a stud who roam around with 3 or 4 gfs
    It's okay to love one girl
    It's okay to be a mama's boy
    It's okay to be yourself
    You guys don't have to pretend be so strong in front of other's
    It's okay to be sad sometimes because of your study's or your personal life problems
    You guys don't have to be brave if you really are not
    It's okay to be afraid of something
    It's okay to be afraid of losing someone

    You are a boy doesn't mean you have to be perfect
    You boys always have some flaws and make some mistakes doesn't mean you will beat yourself up for it
    You guys are strong
    Y'all are handsome and brave and strong in your own way

    From a girl who thinks every boy is perfect in thier own way ❤️

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    Ishita kumar