• __sni_pan__ 5w

    A lot of people around me are
    literally the grown up Alices and the Peter Pans
    In the wonderland/ fairytale..
    With no real time Job in the world
    No constraints of time, energy, resources
    No bills to pay, no Real aim in life..
    Only lolling, wool gathering
    and building castles in the air from morning
    till late at night and engaging anyone that cares
    to get engaged in their foolish pursuits.

    Now, I got NOTHING against them folks
    BUT I live in the Real World
    AND I got no time, energy, inclination
    Playing their best friend, the Madhatter
    Nor their arch-nemesis captain Hook.

    I want to accomplish Real things in the real world
    AND that only comes with focus, dedication, devotion
    to your goals, and optimal time management
    NOT whiling time away, idling and bull-shitting.
    One faces Real obstacles, real constraints
    in the Real world..

    ..and although it must be fun
    Bumming and aimlessly drifting through Life..
    BUT NOTHING BEATS acomplishing
    Real goals, in the Real world.
    Everyone should try it sometime.

    —Life's no fairytale.