• earthen_dreamz 21w


    Dark Midnight's to dawn
    Crack of the day to morn
    Sunny mornings to mid-day
    Blazing noons to afternoons
    And then stealthily the sweet smell of dusk
    It longs all day to arrive
    And break the spell, unlock my heart
    Creeking old and rustic
    Yet thriving like and old banyan tree
    Sprouting tiny green leaves
    the freshness of November chrysanthemum
    The first pearl dew drop
    The wild mountain flowers
    Delicately balancing to capricious winds
    Sometimes swirling in a hammock
    Sometimes a see- saw
    Later present everywhere
    Like a flower blown to petals
    Becoming sweet fragrance all around
    Ohh pretty sunsets , who says mornings alone promise hope
    for you bring me every day
    The possibility of tomorrow
    And I breathe
    And I rest