• po3tica 6w


    Something happened to me the day she went away,
    I felt it in my bones as the truth shook me to the core,
    In that moment I felt a piece of my heart get torn away,
    I slowly bled and died from the inside out,

    Another friend gone too soon,
    I'm so sick and tired of hearing it,
    Of that feeling of helplessness and that feeling
    of emptiness,

    The pain is something that resides in you forever,
    And spread inside you like a fucking cancer,
    Eating away at organs it infects,
    As it slowly eats you alive,

    Something happened to me the day she went away,
    The tears creep up as the day replays so vividly again
    and again,
    It feels as if it were just yesterday,
    It's ironic if you ask me,
    How life goes on with or without you,
    How you have to continue living without them
    Even tough you feel stuck,
    Stuck and sinking down like fucking quicksand,
    You don't even try to scream for help,
    You just count wait until it the darkness sucks you in,
    I let the darkness eat me alive.