• alexi_silver 5w

    It was supposed to be easy,
    As bright as the north star,
    But the more I grow up,
    The more blurrier everything gets,

    The line was supposed to be solid,
    The ones etched in iron,
    The one between bravery and stupidity,
    The one between genius and madness,
    The one between necessity and cruelty,
    The one between religion and authoritarianism,
    The one between love and obsession,
    The one between freedom to live and to hurt,
    The one between confidence and arrogance,
    The one between sacrifice and suicide,
    The one between good and bad,

    So many lines,
    Destined to be etched in iron in hope of eternity,
    Yet rusted over and smudged in obscurity,

    As blurred as the lines on sand,
    I cannot help but desperately memorize,
    Where they all lay,
    Before the next wave sweeps in,
    And I'm left to navigate through this world,
    With this washed up map of morality.