• ayakamila 10w


    08 - 10- 18

    You seem unwary that I watch
    Just for seconds, our eyes take a match
    Then I look away, afraid you'll catch
    My eyes will tell that I want you on latch

    This is an aimless fare
    But I will take the dare
    Whatever they say, I don't care
    Because, this will be my beautiful nightmare

    In this game, I will gamble
    For loving you, I will ramble
    Along the way, I will tumble
    Knowingly in the end, my heart will crumble

    I still choose to stay
    Ask you to let me, if I may
    And I know, I'll always be in bay
    Someday, accept the price I must pay

    Rending your life has never been my intent
    Just loving and being with you, I'm content
    Although, you're not free,this- I won't resent
    So don't worry, I know my extent

    It's alright having little of your attention
    Thankful for your slight affection
    I set myself cause I have my limitation
    To have you, as mine, is just my imagination