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    Hi everyone! Here's a little preview of my wattpad story. Please feel free to use the link in my bio or if anyone is interested, I will post it on Mirakee. Please let me know in the comments if I should��...

    Understanding the power of the universe: The extreme rollercoaster ride, the questioning of fate to the unexpected reality. From sorrow to happiness, from pain to joy, from questioning to understanding. The power within, is the power to change. A confused young girl looking for answers to questions that could never be answered. Struggling to see the world as it is. Suffering in silence while pretending to be strong.  A new hope lit my path. Unexpected growth was thrown my way as I opened up to the new reality.The beauty in gifts, the beauty in our soul. I thought it was the end of love, the ending of the losing battle but you showed me that it was just the beginning. That strength is in support, that trust lays within comfort. What am I without my other half? The one who opened my eyes to the secrets of the world, to the mysteries behind gifts, to the understanding of true love. The one who removed me from my empty jail and replaced it with a home.

    #writing #gifted #growth #happiness #pain #romance #defeat #book #chapter

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