• elusive_me 6w

    Father I want your hands on my head above
    Mother I want your prayers and your love.
    All the negatives fear me
    When you both are near me.

    Dad I know I am not your perfect son
    But I know you love me like no one.
    There have been few differences
    Separating us, few unnecessary fences.
    But I promise that no stone I left unturned
    And lately few praises of yours I earned.
    I just want to see your smile
    I just want to talk to you for a while.
    Extend your shoulder to me
    I can carry your responsibility.
    Whole life, you worked hard
    Not caring about yourself
    I know you wanted a future stable
    But dad now I am able.
    Circumstances created rifts
    But I promise no more adrift.
    You created for us the sky
    And I will try to hold your hand and fly.
    Somehow things were black
    Things were stark
    But now I can see through dark
    I can see your hands spreading
    So I come to you, running.
    Hold me now cos I want to feel safe
    Hold me tight. I want your strength
    I need your guts, I need your might.
    No matter what, I will be by your side

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