• britney_writes 6w

    Did you ever love me or were you just quick to claim me?
    You say you do but yet I have to beg for your attention like a servant begging for crumbs to feed her starving kids.
    Why have you installed such a strange and void space between us?
    All I have given you is love and love and love.
    Where have our smiles and laughter gone to?
    #love #lust #writers #hurt #greed #self #writersnetwork

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    Why do you always seem distracted? Distant even, almost as if you're here but would rather be somewhere else. I have asked and asked until I could feel my tongue sting from too many questions.
    I have pondered the sad possibility that we may not be for each other. I tried to walk away at the beginning when it would not hurt as much but you seem to sense it and fix yourself up. You will lure me with the same scent and overpower my every thought so that I would never think of leaving.
    I will smile and kiss you so deeply until my lips begin to hurt. We will make promises to each other as if we own the future; very stupid things we did.
    You are more distant than ever and I fear for my heart as we've come this far together. I wake up to your beautiful face every morning with hope so small that you may say those words to me again. Words that have become strange and foreign on your tongue.