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    Back again with the third part of the poem "connections"
    It is all about the journey of a human being and his connections with this world.
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    Connections (part-3)

    This journey of life keeps on proceeding.
    And most of the connections seem to be ending.
    But it's not the ending of connections,
    It comes forth creating some lovely relations.
    When he, for a job is hired.
    His connections with his colleagues
    and the management gets wired.
    The day he's married to the partner of his life.
    He gets connected to a precious lady whom he calls his wife.
    When he becomes a responsible father.
    He finds no time for himself to bother.
    With the passage of time he starts getting old.
    He tries his best to make his connections remain bold.
    During this journey some of the connections
    are like support and some are like burden.
    But at this age he tries to cherish the connections
    that are now ironically hidden.
    As his second childhood approaches.
    The connection with his beauty diminishes.
    The day he dies...
    He leaves everything behind as the time flies.
    The connections with this world turn to disconnections,
    Though he had made several memories full of emotions.
    No matter how much he tries now to get those connections back.
    He founds nothing left for his bag to pack.