• prototypecavs 9w


    I am that guy who'll be your supporting stick,
    Who'll look only at you even there's 100 other chick.

    Who'll stand for you even if you are wrong,
    Who will listen to your every crazy song.

    I am that guy Who'll in public hold your waist,
    I'll know your every taste.

    Who'll give you my jacket when you'll be cold,
    Who'll make you feel loved even when we get old.

    I am that guy who'll open doors for you,
    In every date, who'll try to do something new.

    Who'll catch your every tear,
    I'll help you overcome your every fear.

    I am that guy who'll give you my chest,
    After a long tiring day for you to rest.

    Who'll always fulfill every promise,
    And will always give you that goodnight kiss.