• brian_francis 6w

    Death Came Visiting

    by Brian Francis

    It was so easy to watch them smile
    while watching them growing up
    Discovering life, making their way
    Becoming what they will be
    Making us laugh with glee and joy
    their treasures they gathered just so
    memories of days when they smiled
    meanings lost behind unspoken words

    It seemed so normal like any other day
    A pat on the head a kiss on the cheek
    who can remember the words we said
    parting our ways and living our lives
    the busyness of business filling the hours
    Just humming along passing so fast
    While they were hiding and cowering
    in the clenches of fear and pure terror

    Death came visiting the halls and danced
    amid pleas for mercy and forgiveness
    but death knows nothing but the harvest.
    walking with purpose he chooses his prize
    nothing can be done but to mourn and cry
    to remember the smiles and the good times
    living with regret and sorrow, embracing pain
    counting the tears that never stop falling

    Copyright 2019 Brian Francis