• luna_hycinth 5w

    You will see the stars in her eyes,
    Stars that bloom in morning skies.
    Glimmering in gloomy night—
    Forever magic in the war fight.

    Future bring a painful pressure and she might breakdown.
    Her world is a roller coaster; upside down,
    Today she is happy—
    Tomorrow she will face another agony.

    Everyday she force to smile,
    Underneath the betrayal she encountered.
    She walk a hundred miles,
    To fight a havoc and tremendous thunder.

    She is the toughest but her world crash—
    After people treat her as a stupid trash.
    She cry until she can feel pain anymore,
    Raging heart is now in and kindest soul is no more.

    Rants everywhere, toxic people everywhere—
    She wants to hide and run in the middle of nowhere.
    To find silence her soul needs to fullfil,
    She needs to hear no noise and find a pure tranquil.

    //Toughest lady by Hycinth
    #thoughts #toxicsociety #diary @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Life is tough my darling, so am I!