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    I met a lad
    Who lives in another world
    He introduced himself as the Prince of that world..
    We met in a ravishing woods.
    I bowed before him ;he also did the same..
    The Prince asked me who I am
    With a inquisitive look in his eyes.

    I told him I am a legendary warrior from the future.
    Prince with respect and astonishment kiss my hand.

    No doubt my cheeks go red.
    He further asked me how I came here. .
    I accused that,
    I am desperately running in woods in search of light. And I found out the deep enchanting light and came here...

    We both are silent , the woods smells like petrichor.

    Prince break the silence and asked me oh great warrior what are you desperate about!?
    I sighed and speak.
    Your highness you must have fought wars for your Kingdom but in our country we fight wars with ourselves, to defeat the greatest enemy ourselves and to find the greatest master ourselves. ...
    Suddenly I felt blank as I spoke this words.

    I find myself back on the rooftops

    And I realise it's all my imagination,.

    Which shows me the light...