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    I kindly apologize for at least a week of inactivity! It's kind of hard to go back to writing during that time period, but now I am starting to come back slowly.

    This is a different post than usual, and this may be my style for the coming days as I try continuing WTCC that has been delayed at the same time duration. Have a good day! I may catch up again on earlier posts of yours.
    ~~ Thursday Thoughts ~~

    Good morning, perhaps a bad morning. Why? You don't know dear? Will you know though? Are you willing to know? Assuming, I may imply? Will it be revolving around our own subjective senses?

    Now, breathe. Are you breathing yet? Don't skip a breath, because that's what we're all supposed to do. But, will we be forced as if a punishment will be served as for violations? Isn't that all fun and games?

    Look up at the sky. ​​Is it ¹sepulchral from the clouds ranging from whites to grays? I do enjoy the dark skies sometimes. Though, will I be considered a ²maverick for accepting such thought? Perhaps a ³memoir and an ⁴anamnesis will recall us in the ⁵indoctrinated ⁶dogmas that we used to believe.

    Hey though, do I feel quite sad after saying all these stuff? We are now at the fourth paragraph, but it seems like thoughts are all revolving. Like the hands of the clock that rotate; like metal that eventually gains rust after time; wait though. Those scenarios all progress to an certain point. Where do my thoughts progress to though?

    ​​Sadly, I am not a ⁷clubbable person, lacking ⁸convexity that surely is present only within me. But I'm not six feet underground! You may symbolize me as that one irregular beat of the heart, ⁹iconoclastic to your typical sheet of rhythms displayed among us.

    ​​Isn't irregularity a normal thing though? Past lessons tell us that every person is unique, and is bound to present such uniqueness through irregularities that define each and every one of us. I may sound like I am giving off a ¹⁰peroration that would sound mostly meaningless; there is a meaning.

    You could've heard that everything has a meaning, and that is what governs life. Life simply doesn't live without a meaning! Every object, every person, animal, and even in the ¹¹infinitesimal dimensions of space, have meanings.

    ​​​​Yet, we are here, setting up and ¹²mandating such stereotypical beliefs in our world, that one violation upon it can result to a mass extinction of our own rights. Our worlds live in co-existence, yet we are here living ¹³heterogeneously.

    Perhaps that's the reason why we are ironic. We come off so brilliantly determined by our words, but word can't really equate to actions. There's a difference! Actions speak louder! One who is ¹⁴quondam to the world, and lives under the soil is a body ignored by the changing weather.

    Now, look at the raindrops falling now after overcast clouds tooks place an hour ago. It's falling. Each raindrop marks its end when it hits the grounds. Oh dear! Isn't each raindrop an atomically shortened movie? Yes. We go back to the fact that everything matters for a reason!

    No one lives off without a story. At the same time, no one is worthy for discriminatory acts that ¹⁵disparages them from them. Uniqueness is a fact, our own views just an opinion. Everything, progresses.
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    Jul. 16, 2020, 6:50 PM (GMT+8)

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | sepulchral - desolate; lacking cheer
    2 | maverick - a person who deviates from commonly accepted beliefs or practices
    3 | memoir - biography; history of a person's life
    4 | anamnesis - a recalling in mind; reminiscence
    5 | indoctrinate - to teach or lecture
    6 | dogma - the basic, guiding principles of a person or group
    7 | clubbable - sociable
    8 | convexity - a part that sticks out of a general mass
    9 | iconoclastic - not conforming to usually accepted beliefs or practices
    10 | peroration - a highly rhetoric speech
    11 | infinitesimal - extremely small
    12 | mandate - to make mandatory
    13 | heterogeneous - consisting of many things of different sorts
    14 | quondam - former
    15 | disparage - to belittle scornfully

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