• ishrat_aayesha 27w

    Maybe dance always couples with being intoxicated
    I was intoxicated onto you
    She was intoxicated on alcohol

    All i had was music with me
    So i danced that night
    Thinking no one would watch me on my lows

    She is in my arms right now
    She is my world right now
    She is happy right now

    Does she know i still hurt
    Does she know i still dance for you
    I am still intoxicated

    I danced to the song we first danced to
    The one rock song that makes me feel things i shouldnt
    I danced to it with her
    And it wasnt the same

    I love her
    I know i love her more than you
    I just want to know why you are still there
    I want to know why i am still intoxicated
    Why am i stuck on you when i have all i ever needed
    Why do i still dance to our song