• river_blaze 26w

    You were but a faint spark that light me up inside,
    It came on without warning so my heart decided to hide,
    Everything about you, put me in a daze,
    But it seems to find you, I have to go through a painful maze,
    One where the closer I get to you to farther I get from me,
    I have to stand my ground, I deserved to be free,
    Never again will a man define me,
    To catch my attention you must be willing to see,
    That I will stand by you, as long as you stand by me,
    I didn't expect to like you so fast, normally it would take me longer,
    I fall faster now but I'll land stronger,
    I find myself studying you more than ever before,
    Who are you?..I want to know you more,
    I want to know your story, I want to know what makes you.. well you,
    I want to know why you do what you do,
    I guess I'm saying that I'm in awe of you,
    I will never be so selfish to ask to be your world...but maybe one day I could be part of
    it...maybe be your girl,
    If you walk away..you really be some kind of idiot,
    I laugh cuz if you stay, maybe you could be my idiot,
    You want my body and to undress me in no time, but I want to undress your heart and the
    secrets in the dark corners of your mind.
    If you think you can use me and leave without a trace,
    Then I'll turn the tables on you and this will become a race,
    I will still get you out of those clothes just this time with a gentle force,
    We won't be making love but instead just intercourse ,
    I will become your deepest fantasy, no you'll become mine,
    If you don't want something real then let's commit the perfect crime,
    You can either play me and I’ll conquer you,
    Or you can pursue me and I'll desire you,
    You can get to know me or know of me,
    The choice is yours so what will it be?
    Before you ponder on it, before you go,
    Here's the dice, it's your turn to roll
    I got one last question before we part,
    How could someone filled with so much inspiration and fire, be fast to try to snuff out the flame
    In my heart.
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    How could someone filled with so much inspiration and fire, be fast to try to snuff out the flame
    In my heart.(caption)