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    Be the reason someone smiles today. ♥️
    World Kindness Day♥️ Be the change♥️ Spread Happiness♥️
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    World Kindness Day♥️

    We all are struggling, we are in pain in some way or the other. We all need someone to hug us and tell us 'everything's going to be well'. So why not be the one? Why not we take the initiative to be kind first? Why are we constantly waiting others to change for us, can't we change ourselves first? You never know how much someone needed the smile you gave them. You never know what that person is going through right now. Judging someone is easy, if you can't help them out of their misery at least be 'kind'. Sit down and talk. Hug them, create laughters. Tell them they are beautiful. Being kind will cost you not even a single penny, besides it will make yourself feel good.
    Try it today.