• namelessmaybe 23w

    You and I. We had always been apart, all the while we were together. You had been lost in the memories of your 'The One' while I had been lost in you. The person I had but could never actually have. I had thought prior that you'll eventually forget about her with time but it's been 6 years and I still see you crying almost quietly in the dark, holding your phone, right after seeing picture of her, of both of you, together.

    You thought I never heard, right? Even if your sobs wouldn't have been audible, I would have still known. I somehow do. Like the nights, where you didn't come back home, either drunk or in a brothel. I didn't have the guts to ask. It's weird that you visit brothels but never touched me. I wanted you to. Even if it was supposed to be nothing. Even after knowing I was nothing.

    I always think of how do people tend broken hearts. I had two to heal. Your's and mine. You know I actually am silly. You were right. I heard you mutter it under your breath every time I try to do something for both of us. If I ever found the way to tend hearts though, I'll choose your's first. Hell! I'll choose you if I had to ever choose between you and I even.

    So, here I am, choosing you. You can leave me. Yes, you'll not get her by leaving me, I know. Do not mutter silly, okay? It's better to be alone than being with someone whose presence fills you with guilt. As per for me, it can't hurt that much to hurt what was never your's, right? Right?

    Your wifey ��

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