• ankitagulve 31w

    Its not easy you know,
    No one told me the fact tht i wud had to deal wth such a Situation that is pretty tough in its nature (not even Shreyas).
    As much as i tried to run away frm ths,i saw same things coming again in front of me.
    So i find myself again here,a part of tht cold lonely night in this hot weather is still with me,as if ths ws meant to be.
    Telling me a whole lot of stories,
    Thinking about your crazy laughters,
    Brought flashbacks along with silence,
    Sillence bundled up with thousand of dfrnt wrds togthr smewhr btwn us,
    For the frst tym, SILENCE IS NOT PEACEFUL at all,This silence is smethng which cant be broken now.
    So ths makes me wonder abt everything tht has happened ever to us as this ws worst of all,if i could ever look back at this time wondering where i could had been better.
    So let me ask this while i am at it,I dont knw you ll miss me or not whn m gone but would you love me if i stayed?
    #letterstoyou. -Ankita Gulve