• anghelle19 5w

    Standing up for yourself

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    Self defense

    Let's get one thing clear
    For the explicit words used in this poem
    I won't be suprised if no one sees it
    Because it suddenly just disappeared
    But I don't care I will speak my truth
    And I will speak it freely
    So if you see this and yes YOU know who you are
    Heed my words carefully
    I'm human so are you
    I like you, you like me
    I like romance, I like sex
    As do you its not hard to see
    But just because I'm yours doesn't give you a right
    To be rough with my temple my body
    Without my consent to know how I'm feeling
    This sense of uneasiness deep within my core is still reeling
    Me in as I wonder if your words alone
    Would have dictated your actions
    If so then damn lust really reduced common sense to less than that of a fraction
    I know I might confuse you with what I want
    For sometimes I seem impossible to please 
    But boy I need you to put my mind at ease
    Let me know I took your words out of context
    That you'd never hurt me
    Esoecially in this way
    I thought you were my protector whod kill to keep me safe
    But am I really when it feels like you're doing the same thing I run from
    I once said ..."to forget memories I want to create new ones with you"
    I damn well know this to be true
    Just let me know you're not a monster
    Such as he
    Who I forever curse... for hell awaits thee
    Let me know I'm wrong
    Put my mind at peace
    otherwise the gold I saw you as
    Will turn to silver instantly
    As I refuse to let anyone disrespect or use me
    For at that point its no longer love
    Just a monster an abuse shes no stranger too
    Baby tell me the truth either way
    But I'm hoping I'm wrong
    That I took the situation out of context
    So we can make up, make love and laugh about it
    Baby fix the tears of hurt
    Let me know you love me
    So we can get back to us
    And the moments and conversations I miss
    Before I or us both fall deep into the abyss
    Im glad to have said this
    Gotten it is all out
    Before my mind formed a hurricane
    Full and entirely made of doubts