• bloodyknifyic 6w

    My own

    Hope is the thing with feathers
    That perches the soul
    Sings the tune without words
    And never stops-at all

    It matters not how to strait the gate
    Nor how to charge with punishments the scrolls..
    I am the master of my fate
    And the captain of my soul..

    Between my two fingers and my two thumbs
    My world is brighter than the dark..
    Nor it isn't perfect but for me it does.
    I would never give up my world to anything like jewelry..
    As long as it does not judge me for me..

    Even asleep we partake into the becoming of the world
    In our dreams...
    As we become angels like we always dreamed of..
    And as angels become sinners like they always didn't want to do...

    And as we go back in reality like we always do
    We always say the world isn't fair, nor perfect.
    Just like heavens are too....

    -By:Bloody Knify
    IRLN: Irish cilene