• mystical_moron05 6w

    shining through the darkness of inside
    feels like i'm drowning in the uptide
    i got my nerves all flooded
    the ache in my body is sorrow
    its like there is no tomorrow
    i got my feeling all blooded
    now i dont wanna face this world
    its like every person i talk is absurd
    so i dont wanna empathize
    everytime i try its like my veins collide
    to those beat of the worlds
    to those taunts that i've heard
    to those feelings that slurred
    in the ravens of world
    so i dont wanna face this world
    now i am done with my words
    all the things that i've say
    will be interred with my heart
    as i shine through the darkness inside
    now i have nothing to hide.....