• boneyfazioo 33w

    An Address to my Life

    Come Life,
    and be my Valentine!
    Be forever mine!

    You've been my shadow
    all through the shifting colors
    of time and seasons.

    Be it summer or winter,
    or autumn or spring,
    you've never let me down,
    nor have you jilted me,
    nor left me in the lurch.

    Good times or bad,
    we've been together:

    Together we've delighted
    in all the worldly pleasures,

    together we've groaned in pain
    and cried in sorrow,

    together we've basked
    in the sweet glory
    of our sunny days,

    together we've sung
    love songs
    on all moonlit nights,

    together got chilled
    in the numbing winters
    of our misfortunes,

    together we've mourned
    over the loss of things
    dear to our hearts,

    together we've rejoiced
    in every new found mirth
    and joy,

    together we've walked
    the road less traveled,

    together we've braved the gales
    and tempests on the way,

    together we were when we
    set out in the morning,

    together still we are marching
    towards the quiet sundown.

    sweet beauty,
    come to me.

    Be my Valentine.
    Be mine, just mine.
    Forever mine!

    And when I finally cease to be,
    I pray, you too lie next to me.

    © boneyfazioo