• pensvibes 9w


    I Had A Dream Last night I had a dream, I dreamt of rivers, I dreamt of streams, I dreamt of the big blue sky, I dreamt of the animals down and the birds flying high. I dreamt of a world where no one knew what was hate, I dreamt of a time where nobody would curse their fate. I dreamt of people who's hearts were filled with love, I dreamt of adults who's mind was pure as a dove. I dreamt of a day when no child would go hungry to bed, I dreamt of a world where everyone would share their bread. I dreamt of a world of forgiveness and compassion, I dreamt that the world was a family & helping each other was their passion. I woke up in the morning to a world that my dream hardly knew, But then I jolted myself and promised that I gotta make this dream come true! No discussing brand new crushes, No acting insane together, no arguments that are baseless. Life is definitely nothing without friends, And that's why I never want this friendship to ever end.