• shachijain7007 5w

    I can't help myself ,
    These trust issues are lying here and there everywhere in my body,
    My body is now filled with toxins made-up of lies,
    And I can't help myself,
    My heart is confused whether to trust people or not,
    My mind has madeup it's mind that now we can't carry more fakeness inside us we are full tolerating you and the lies that you hold thinking that they are precious like diamonds (I trust you) (I believe you) (I'm never going to leave you) (I'll stay with you until the very end of our lives) I am full holding all these filthy lies ,
    There is a war between my head and my heart,
    And I don't even know that who's side I should take,
    I just can't throw my life's ugly mess describing every single person that my heart say I could trust ,
    As I said previously I'm stucked in between my heart and my brain,
    I don't know on whom I could now rely myself on,
    I can't hold filthy lies and fucked up truths anymore,
    I'm done and full.


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