• deezee 10w

    Nesting and homing

    it began with nothing out of ordinary
    you and I and everyone of us
    hoped and dreamed of resolutions
    of settling with the demons inside
    and the last idea in our mind
    was of a deranged world

    as the curtains were up
    and the show began
    the unfolding of the year
    got our hearts to leap with the unknown
    as things started falling apart

    it has been quite a period
    of nesting and homing for safety
    and before not so long
    you leave the new home for yet another space
    to be soon called a home again
    but alas no sooner than the heart finds it fine
    the leaving happens yet again
    god! are we capable of building homes
    wherever and whenever
    so long it makes to heart grow fond
    and what would have been otherwise called as living out of the suitcase
    we now know it is indeed
    making home out of the most random places

    perhaps home has been within us
    home is more than just one place
    it is you; eventually you are your home