• dmwilliams 5w


    Life has its way of squeezing life issues into our life,
    Love, work, friends and children consumed our time.

    Years of satisfaction for others left us unfit for us,
    How do we repair the mirror's reflection of ourselves?

    It seems a struggle at the latter part of life to be fit,
    My undying sacrifices should warrant an easy fix to be fit.

    I need time to find my journey, to rediscover myself,
    But this world has created a false sense of my health.

    Her once perfect body gave birth and through tears and solitude, she dealt with her new body's imperfections.

    She worries, will he still love me the same or will a newer model ignite his engine and spiral his sensibilities?

    Will the years of my selfless sacrifices thwart an external attack of our love and our precious memories??

    I just want to be fit again. . . for me first. . .