• aru 6w

    Call us arrogant
    Call us rude
    Even call us the "know it all"
    But we all know
    If you got your ass in trouble
    We will save y'all

    "Heros" is the name
    That we are recognised for
    Our friendship is pure and innocent
    For which will would die for

    We learn the rules to break them
    We are the most craziest kind
    We don't like potions
    So please don't mind

    Bravest of them all
    Charmer of death
    We will steal your heart
    Before you even Spare a glance

    Yes we are reckless
    Yes we don't plan every move
    Our actions are honest and spontaneous
    Maybe because we have a badass cat to save us

    We are a little clumsy
    But we have hufflepuffs to help us
    We do sometimes trust people blindly
    Thus we have slytherins to protect us
    And yes ofcoruse we do some dumbshit so
    We have Ravenclaws to drag us

    But at the end of the day everyone
    Wants to be a Gryffindor
    As we are the storm after the springfall


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    Experience-oriented , practical, blunt , passionate , funny , trusting , kind , rebellious , chivalrous

    Songs dedicated to my Gryffindor fam
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