• jee_tu 10w

    Wrote this a while ago for a girl closest to my heart!!

    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #poem #kids #childhood #children'sday

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    Girl in a new place

    The gates were big and the gardens green,
    she didnt want to go out but in her heart she was keen

    where to go whom to talk,
    she didnt know anyone and so alone she walked

    shall i watch movie? or shall i play on the phone?
    these were the only options she had known

    One day while switching on the phone,
    she heard a door-knocking tone

    Who knocks in the evening she wonders,
    Must be the maid didi or vegetable vendor

    Quickly she opens the door,
    and a girl asks: lets play, i am very bored

    They both hold hands and go to the park,
    and they played whole day till it is all dark

    and so they became very good friends... for life !!