• _moonice_ 5w

    An answered poem entitled " Missed Out"

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    I'm Leaving

    She told me she have something to say
    And we will meet at the train station
    That night I was about to leave
    She doesn't knows it, but I want to tell her
    "I like her"
    Just for the last time or maybe a new start
    I gather up my courage and even got rehearse
    Excited and nervous emotions are competing
    Seconds abruptly turn to minutes
    "I will wait" I told to myself after an hour
    I'm extremely wishing her face will shows up
    Even imagined she will run to me hopefully
    I closed my eyes and that's how I thought
    When I gave up my step and rode in the leaving train
    When will I see her again?
    When will I say I like her?