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    Here’s the second part (actually, this should be the first part but whatever) of the three-part poem series. I think I’m gonna name the series as #NeverReallyOver (referenced or not referenced to Katy’s song lol). idk, still i’m not certain about the title haha #mirakee #poem #poetry #writersnetwork #readwritrunite #spilledink #love #sex #romance #praviarts #filipino #filipinowriter #art #filipino

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    The Stranger

    Beauteous face with a killer smile
    Look at me in the eyes
    And tell me some juicy lies

    Let’s have some fun tonight
    I’ll lead you to a new dimension
    Hell or heaven, yeah, we shall find

    Touch my lips with yours, bite me a bit
    Lick me gently, oooh slick and sexy
    How do you like this realized fantasy

    oh good god, get a grip and wait a second
    you’re going too fast, let me inhale for a moment

    I like it rough, rougher than my diamonds
    You want some more, then earn it with further effort

    As the night ages, come into my forest
    While darkness surrounds us, fear not
    For the only beasts lurking here are us

    My favorite stranger