• mschrissydee 10w

    Teddy Bear

    My love, you stepped in when I wasn't looking, when I just needed a friend and that you have been, my teacher, my cheer leader, my protector you have been my everything , when the highs are high you are the driving force, you watch me soar, and my lows, you have felt my pain, your empathic nature, you have sat and worried, checked up on me, and asked where can you do more, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart love for answering late night calls where I talked your ears off, but without hesitancy you would do it again,I know, because you love hearing me talk. All in all your sweet disposition and soft tone of voice has been a constant on the other end of the phone, your determination to be my true friend has turned up in different places, foreign to me but new to us, It just warms my heart, how you always reach to hold my hand anytime you are near. I too am motivated to show up for you there is no time to spare when you know there will be a forever, you want forever to start today.