• imalisasays 30w

    The Teenager Story

    It was a Morning of Colors
    The day of holiday when people play with colors..
    It was then when everyone was busy celebrating "Holi"
    I was also indifferent and indulged completely into the game..
    The color game..
    Suddenly I felt something into my lower part of the body..
    And I realized I have a crime scene going on in my underpants..I was bleeding..
    I was stunned.. I was Still
    Thinking myself seriously ill..
    I asked about it first to my father as he was my wikipedia for all knowledge to gather..
    And he replied this is something u should discuss with your mother..
    I felt my disease is severe n I need a doctor consult too..
    The movie scenes where people take their last breath ran into my mind and I felt my chances of survival are few..
    With those scared feelings I ran to my mother n asked about the crime scenes..
    She consoled me with a soft voice..
    It happen with me to... Every month..It's in female genes..
    I realized then I have stepped into the world of Puberty and there is nothing nasty..
    I realized then my transformation from a small kid to a teenager and a fertile beginner..