• kavyaraja 5w

    Light peeking,
    Into room through door ajar,
    Dark room,
    Untouched for ages,
    Cobwebs filled full,
    Throughout the hallway,
    Even inside the bedroom,
    In our closet of clothes hung down with darkness,
    We dare not enter,
    And wear those once-happily-worn clothes,
    We dare not push through the door.
    Neither do we dare to close it.
    Our old home,
    Now merely collection of bricks,
    Just bricks,
    Mom, do we get to have our home back?
    You are far away,
    Brother is too busily far away,
    I have a home,
    You have a home,
    Dad is with you,
    My life is in the bed with me,
    Light peeking into our together memories,
    Will those ever happen again?
    Does the light hold such power?