• thepoeticnewton 10w


    I had remembered the last lines of your lullaby,
    They were "You make me happy when the skies are gray".

    But this time, everything felt so dreary,
    The little clumps of air I could breathe in, were my only proof of life.

    There I was beside creepy creatures,
    And huge beasts who were so treacherous

    I hovered around with my eyes scouting for an escape route,
    How I got there, I couldn't explain.

    I tried asking for aid but all I could do was to splutter gibberish,
    I guess I was drowned in some sort of oblivion.

    And then the darkness kept getting gloomy,
    With the furnace on one side of the meadow getting more intense.

    The smell of dread and danger I could perceive,
    With the hush around the pasture getting even more creepy.

    But as the creatures heralded the arrival of the executioner,
    The rooster finally crowed to signify the morning.