• mbilazaras 30w

    I do have these thoughts about myself,
    I am a failure, no assets, no future plans.
    But it's easy now.
    I just remember that chubby boy with no friends,
    Spending his time either reading or playing games.
    I remember that 18 year old with basic English,
    In a foreign country being kicked out of work for his skin condition.
    I remember 2013, when every institution rejected my applications,
    .. and they said that I am not smart enough, my grades are too low.
    Now I'm about to get my 2nd degree, or maybe I will be another dropout.
    Who knows. Who cares. I don't.
    But it's not because I'm not smart enough.
    My attitude is harmful for this system.

    How could you be happy, when they force you to know
    where you want to see yourself in 5 years?

    I adjust.

    .. and yeah, I'm going to be a fcking astronaut by then.