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    'A dead woman's diary'.(1)
    A woman is born to tolerate :
    I was hammered continuously .Upto my last breath I tried hard to resist.I was moving here &there from pillar to post but couldn't save myself .That sledged hammer took my life.
    Yes !
    I now laugh ,
    When he behaves weird !
    I laugh when he rapes aggressively !
    Whatever he does I tolerate because I know he is ignorant that I'm dead.
    Word kills not weapon .
    Language kills not poison .
    Indifferece kills not hurricane .
    He was very often attacking a benevolent heart though unknowingly .
    When love dies a human dies,unnaturally .He doesn't understand .
    How can he ?
    In place of heart he has a blood pumping machine.
    In place of brain he has a calulator .
    But still love again borns ,grows up ,flies high ...high & high.
    (Why am I violent ?
    A revolutionary ?
    Will be waiting for my reader's assessment.
    Thank you

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    A dead woman's diary (1)

    When love dies
    A human dies unnaturally .
    But love borns again,grows up ,flies high ,high &high.