• the_freeminded_spirit 31w

    Ek chota story of my crush
    Part - 9

    Yesterday !!
    A sleepless night
    Yesterday's reply less chat made me get up even before 5.30 in the morning!!
    As soon as I got up in the morning, opened her chat. I found no reply from her again.... But all my messages were seen!!
    Directly I called her !!
    "The number you have dialed is currently not reachable . Please dial after some time!!"
    What??? What else can I do now?
    Should I go in search of her home??
    But my fingers touched the screen and wished her for the morning
    Me : Happy morning
    Have a great day ahead!!
    (Then I kept My phone aside , refreshed myself , done with all my morning works and then roamed here and there carrying phone in my hand .
    Ahh!! Finally message time rang!!)
    (Arrey!! It's a reply from her!!)
    She : Didn't I tell you not to text me?
    Why are you disturbing me like this??
    Sorry , if you feel sad . But still I've no other choice .
    Me : okay I'll stop texting you. But tell me the reason!!
    Then surely I'll stop!!
    She : It's a bitter truth!! You won't be happy if you here this..... Please bye
    Me : Tell me.... I'll be alright.... Please
    She : okay then....
    The truth is that...
    Me : tell me
    She : A guy had proposed me 2 days ago ..... So I.....
    Me : okay proposed you ... So what's wrong in texting with me!!!
    She :
    Me : ha wait .... He proposed you. Alright!!
    What's your decision now???

    What next....
    Will the story of my crush end here??

    To be continued!!