• shrishti_11 5w

    We have often come across these three words framed together to make some sense, right.?
    Have we ever really paused for awhile to think about it.? Of course, we have don't we.?

    Are we working for it or just giving it a minute from our lives was enough.? In this materialistic world the zeal of following one's passion is just another paradigm which has least to convey.
    We have tangled our associations to the places where in terms of monetary benefits we have a lot to be offered.

    But now the big is are we satisfied.?

    Are we living the life which we must have dreamt as a child.? Is money and wealth everything.?
    The answer which must be a yes for now and it is obvious to say . Even I would say so, accepting to have become the prey of the worldly pleasures and lavish living.

    Where did I get it wrong?

    How could I have corrupted the system with not living a life of satisfaction and investing my efforts to leading a life which appears to quench my needs and create a void of temporary satisfaction.
    Is this the society or the peers, is it the belongings or the cravings.?

    I would leave on this note , a question which must be addressed and answered within us.

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    Follow your dreams,
    Is this really what we are doing.?