• wordsofoleander 6w

    A Promise

    We met in the corridors of dreams
    That echoed a hundred tales,
    Of friendship, love, and fights.
    Pillars still embarked those journeys.
    We climbed those steps
    Unknowing the inevitable fate
    Lurking behind our shadows.

    Awaited for us those expecting eyes
    With huge warmth of love in their lips.
    Our Gurus.. the precious ones.
    First meetings shined and glowed
    With melodious voices,
    Some playful performance, and
    A bit of some strange silences.

    Music, dance, games, fests, drama,
    And millions of scribbled papers.
    Laughter never left us, thundered
    Still in the hallways. It was us,
    Making a whole loads of memories.
    Played some unusual game the sadness too,
    Yet the magical happiness was in high note.

    Time flew like a river.
    Never able to hold on and live in,
    Those dreamy moments again.
    Strange friendships bloomed
    Without much light and glory.
    Just to get wilted in the raging time.
    It was a life we lived through.

    Shined in our eyes for glorious days.
    Yet came the unexpected doom,
    Creeping through the oozing breaths.
    Closure was it...a closure to our days.
    But hope was never down,
    Until that last day we met again.

    Finally, came the moments of parting.
    Hardest of the goodbyes ever, as
    Brightest were our days of colour.
    Blurry eyes trailed without aim
    On the missed hugs and the lost kisses.
    You will always remain safe
    In a special trove of our hearts.