• myleyquinn17 6w

    Does anybody else look back on some past events and go like
    "Wow.. I've been stupid"
    Like you look back on that past relationship and just feel like going back in time and slapping your past self
    Because now you're older and more mature
    And you can tell your right from your left
    Good from the bad
    And make worthwhile decisions

    And concerning the bad past..?
    Forgive yourself for the bad decisions
    Move forward
    Don't forget the lessons though
    Let those lessons be your guide for future decisions
    Don't forget the pain..
    Let the pain be the reminder that you've grown
    That you've survived that long
    And you're still going to survive more

    Life is a constant battle
    You're going to have challenges everyday
    Either you win...
    Or you lose
    And nobody likes losing
    So always look forward
    Two steps forward
    No step back
    No one can fight for you better than yourself