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    To the one who is mentally exhausted,

    I know that you are stoic. When it comes to any physical injury you hide it but still I can see that . The same is with mental injury, you may hide it from everyone but from me, never. I can feel that you are going through some mental exhaustion. Let me tell you at first, it is OKAY and it's going to be OKAY.
    You have a lot in your mind but you aren't able to figure out what is really bothering you. You just sit idle doing nothing.
    You are going through something which you aren't aware of but it is clearly visible to everyone else.
    You don't have the right words to tell how you feel.
    You cry at random things.
    You sleep feeling tired and wake up the same. You get irritated at the tiniest thing.
    You cut off contacts with everyone. You are afraid of people making fun of your dis-ease.
    You don't feel like talking to people because people confuse you, because people don't really understand.
    You have so much in your head that you feel, your head will explode.
    You find sadness in almost every little thing. Sometimes you even hate yourself.
    You feel like you are unimportant.
    You starve for attention.
    Your soul is heavy, there is so much burden on your heart.
    You are tired.
    You doubt yourself.
    You struggle to sleep. You feel like things are never going to be good.
    You feel every negative emotion right now.
    One day you wake up and try to get over all this. You visit several sites searching for what you want.
    You open Google and search for ways to get over this anxiety and stress. You search for motivational quotes.
    You search for ways to stay happy, to stay calm, to stay at peace.
    Your youtube feed looks like a clinic with all the videos to get through this phase.
    You shoot all the questions on quora, as quora won't judge you. Your library is filled with selfhelp books , you apply positive wallpaper on your phone's screen just to get positivity.
    You visit places to distract your mind. You try to save yourself.
    You try to help yourself.
    You do everything that you could do. But still, it is not enough.
    Still, you can't get through it.
    So look,
    all that I said you feel all this, right?
    It is common, right?
    It happens with everyone, right?
    It is okay to feel all this, right?
    Okay okay!
    It is not common for you. You again have several thoughts in your mind like - no one understands you, no one knows what you feel, your pain is more than all that I said. Yes, it is not common for you but it is still common. You are going to be okay.
    I am not any therapist or psychiatrist but all I can say is just keep moving. Stop getting stuck to a place. start enjoying every feeling even your sadness, after all, it came just for a few days in your home. Learn to trust that whatever happens, happens for a reason and for a good reason.
    And all this is just a phase, Moon too has phases but in the end, it comes back to its original form and so will you. Believe that God puts you through all this just to make you grow.
    It may take time but "Time can do wonders".
    It is true "No one can save you, only you can". People may help you, be there for you but only you have the power to save yourself. So, All I can offer is my ears whenever you need a listener I'll be there.
    You have to fight your struggle on your own. I may stand there with you, but only you can cut your ties with all this. And your feeling is valid. Whatever you have in mind is valid and okay.
    I bet this all that you go through or going through makes you strong and independent.
    So feel this feeling and get through it and bid goodbye to these tortures.
    And once you will get through all this you will feel as if you won any war. You will feel more strong and powerful. So why wait, take out your swords and get ready to fight with this evil.
    After all, you have to make yourself proud. Don't you?
    As"Everything will be okay in the end and if it's not okay it is not the end "♥️
    -With love.♥️

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