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    It's the truth of my life

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    The Univers Temple = Chapter 3 = team and the beginning = part 2

    The 8th member of our team is Morgan Star. He is the first pilot of our ship. I saw many space craft pilots in my life. But no one like Star. His way to drive the ship is truly fantastic. But he can not do anything without our second pilot. Alisa is our co-pilot she's the wife of Star. She is totally like Star. And they always says that they are made for each other. Now the 10th member of our team. Her name was Poli. Poli is a multi talented girl. She's a Doctor. A cook. And she's also my future brid. She's very beautiful and priti. And also she's really brave. I love her like no one else. She's everything for me. She's always asking me that what we gonna do after this. And I always just say that we're gonna be together after this. Now all of you are know about my teammates. So now we talk about our 11th member. "Me" and we Start with my name and my name is...............