• darkpoet1 11w

    The love story

    You decided to love me
    When you hated me so much
    I was not your type
    You could've left the thought of being us
    But you continued still
    Doing a favour to my pity soul
    What a love story we had
    With you having a superior role
    I thought love goes hand in hand
    But it was a perplexing transaction
    Of me trying to prove you
    That I deserve your love
    However you were the one
    Who was in the dark lane
    Pushing me into a mental state
    Now I'm better than yesterday
    I love myself like I have done never
    I know I deserve much better
    And you will get better than me
    Because you made me feel
    I'm the lowest in the troposphere
    I bless you to be your best
    And I have lost all my fears