• mussii 10w

    Love for soldiers

    To all the soldiers out there
    This poem is for uh with little care.

    You always keep on fighting for us
    But the problems that uh face uh never discuss

    No one can even imagine how difficult is it!
    To be apart from Ur family and keep yourself mentally fit..

    How can one even dare of risking their life?
    By leaving behind their children and wife.

    Mother at home sitting with fear
    And hope for the things that she could bear..

    Unfortunately a tragedy happens
    Her son sacrifices his life with weapons..

    It's really sad when our soldiers die.
    And leave the world by saying good bye..

    But I'm really proud and boost up with the thought
    The way our indian army have always stood and faught

    The height of their courage is very tall
    Even when the gun shoot the body they try not to fall

    They always made our flag to fly high in the sky
    And we need not to ask about the JOSH because it's always high

    This is our INDIAN ARMY and I'm proud of them
    For me they are the real gem...