• _sama_ 5w


    Dark brown, is not just the shade of my hair,
    Or the color of my eyes.
    Dark brown, is not just the opposite of fair,
    Or the smelly henna dyes.

    Dark brown, is my dad's chai,
    That he never drank without me.
    Dark brown, Is a patch on my thigh.
    Once burnt with the same tea.

    Dark brown was the rocking chair,
    My grandpa used to rock.
    Dark brown were my barbie's hair,
    And the pendulum of our old wall clock.

    Dark brown, is the fresh wet mud,
    After the rain down the lanes,
    Dark brown, is my knee stained with blood,
    On falling in the puddles when it rains.

    Dark brown is a branch of the mango tree,
    Which used to be our summer aim.
    Dark brown is the wet sand near the sea,
    Where i once engraved my name.

    Dark brown, was the burnt vanilla cake,
    I experimented on maa's birthday,
    Dark brown, is my favorite chocolate shake,
    That I drank after play.

    Dark brown, is the little mole on your cheek,
    Which my eyes adore,
    Dark brown, are your beautiful eyes.
    that I love to explore.

    Dark brown, is the bench of the park,
    We spend most of our time in,
    Dark brown, is a little dark,
    Than your arm's tanned skin.

    Dark brown is so much more,
    Than the color itself.
    Dark brown is the bundle of memories,
    On an old dusty book shelf.

    Dark brown is the love,
    That I have for you,
    Neither the typical red,
    Nor the pale blue.

    Dark brown is my coffee,
    As I like it bitter, not sweet.
    And I'd never mind saying,
    Dark brown, is my conceit.