• venky_jr 35w

    Pain lays forgotten.

    You wanted to see the heaven...
    Wanted to see the fairy tales come true.!
    Didn't know then that the way to it went through hell for you...

    Now you sit in peace there,evaluating the priority list of these beasts..
    Top of which are themselves,followed by the protection of cows and not humanity or even the lesson of the religion they themselves preach.!
    Rape was just a regular act for them on which their ego feasts.

    I'm sorry for being among the generation who couldn't give you a better world to live in.
    I'm ashamed for not being able to bring change,
    To let you live in the false sense of freedom!

    Every step of that false rally is a reminder of repeating that sin with somebody else..
    I wish everyone wants to be the person who stops them and tells,

    Try if you want but I'll kill you and your soul which is rotten..
    I won't be a part of a world where the pain of Nirbhaya and Asifa lay forgotten..!