• po3tica 6w

    Untitled Entry

    I can't stop these fucking tears,
    They don't stop just like the quiver in my voice don't stop,
    Just when I thought I was dead inside,
    You came around to make me realize I'm not,
    I'm only well guarded about who I gove my heart too,
    Because I been broken and abused,
    You made me realize that I only keep my distance from
    you so I won't get hurt and so I won't admit how much I miss you,
    I guess I went through more than I would like to admit
    I mean who ever likes to say that family damaged me more
    than all my heartbreaks combined?
    Family has taken away more than I like to admit but the
    older I get the more I realize it's ok to speak about your
    Trials and tribulations,
    The older I get the more I realize its ok to talk about the road you've walked through,
    Its ok to show your scars and reminisce about the times
    you lost those battles,
    Its ok to amit your all fucked up and empty inside,
    Because that is the only way you will grow,