• praghati_premkumar 10w

    "Love is in the air","love is pain", "love is lust", "love is food"etc ! Everyone has their own views and opinions upon love. So actually what is love in my point of view ? Love is just a hobby recently. Dating, falling in love, roaming , having fun, changing status, doesn't like each other, breaking up and then the routine starts with someone else has become a new trend ! In the world of impurity stop prioritizing people and start doing the same with you. There are lot more of merits in this case,like you won't reject yourself for your appearance, you don't need to pay extra bills, you can have a lot more of sleep, have time for your goals. Fall in love yourself, rest others are toxic.
    P.s- those who love truly irrespective of distance and everything I bow my head !

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